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Kasa's Birthday Party

We at Kasa’s Pizza & Taco Bell would like to make your child’s birthday as special as it can be.

    In order to obtain this goal, we need to set some guidelines. These guidelines will help us to serve all our guests successfully and also let you know what to expect from our establishment on your child’s special day

      1. In order to hold a reservation for your child’s party there will be a $25.00 deposit required.

      a. You will be given a certificate worth $25.00 to be credited to your purchases at Kasa’s Pizza on the day of your child’s party.

      b. This deposit will be credited to your bill on the day of your child’s party only.

      2. We will reserve the appropriate number of seats in the playroom for your child’s guests. Addition adults are welcome to sit in the dining areas.

      3. All food except for birthday cakes and party favors must be purchased from this establishment

      Kasa's Kids Birthday Parties 4. We will supply all plastic ware; plates, cups and napkins or you are welcome to bring in your own themed party wares.

    5. Decorations are welcome; however, we do not allow anything to be hung or taped to the walls. (Balloons work very well)

    6. We do not close the play area to the public.

    7. Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance. Deposits will not be refunded if cancellations are after 48 hours.

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